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Woocommerce Simple and Fast


Speed your Woocommerce eCommerce update

LGWoo is a Dashboard solution that help you in everyday work with your eCommerce shop online. WooCommerce is most important and popular plugin for WordPress that powers most part of online shops and eCommerce worldwide. LGWoo by Lolli Group allows you to exchange data between a very simple dashboard and WooCommerce, using the API – Application Programming Interface. LGWoo is ready to use with a web interface, but can be installed on Windows or MAC OSX. Don’t waste time in adding products, orders, and variations in your eCommerce shop online. Save your Company time and money. 


What we do

We develop databases, our product will be definitely your best friend, if you use Woocommerce. LGWoo by Lolli Group increases the speed of every operation on WordPress and WooCommerce, and saves you time and money. 



If you have ever used WooCommerce you know how much updating and searching for products are. Forget this problem with LGWoocommerce


Manage Orders

Click a button to manage orders, people, addresses, and printi your shipping labels. You can also extract data in PDF or Excel



Track all coupons in few seconds, add or delete them, see who have used and when. Just Manage everything from LGWoo Dashboard



Have you thousands of products in Excel or MDB or CSV? You can import in minutes, or ask for assistance and we will do it overnight for you. Sleep peacefully.


Selected Client use LGWoocommerce


Orzana EU Juice Branding

Tons of products and images imported in hours, not weeks!


Fly Book Store

More than 6500 products imported and managed with LGWoocommerce


Used Cars Association EU

Hundreds cars added every day, from a simple excel sheet and a folder with images


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